Symbology loading... Not loading? new game continue settings level pack randomizer Default Choose a level menu Congratulations! You have completed all levels in level pack. You are a Symbology Champion. For more challenges, let the randomizer generate levels for you. Thanks for playing! Design your game menu play --:-- 0:00 0 score About Symbology version 2.40 up to date checking for updates... downloading update... update download failed update ready - click here to install © 2015-2022 Bryan Fink Help and more contact information is available here: Thanks for playing! menu Settings Pause Timer Preview Sounds Idle hints menu menu play 42 High Score Fastest Time Fewest Pieces Most Clears menu next level try again New unlocked! Tip: Install Symbology to play full screen and offline! Can't continue: the saved game is corrupt. Play earlier levels to unlock this one. Play more levels in pack #1 to unlock this shape. Play more levels in pack #1 to unlock this color. max min randomizer